We are hiring talented individuals that want to change the world. We accept qualified teachers who have the qualifications and skill of online teachings also for candidates that have knowledge in the Administrative Department. The ideal candidate should be able to lecture and educate  our clients online .


About Us

Our organization OASIS GLOBALS is known for it's great success in providing Educational Services and Management Consultancy also creating professional      online lecturers with employee's in the administrative field with a stable income.   We believe that teaching should be as enjoyable as it is rewarding, and by putting   our clients in control of your their virtual classroom, we bring this opportunity right into the comfort of your own home.                                                                             

We bring together motivated individuals and clients worldwide with qualified       teaching experience background under their belts. As an independent contractor, you’ll teach business owned clients also with individuals assigned to you. The company  will provide all equipment and software through our vendors to your home and you will be trained on how to use them and work from home.

Wide Variety of Courses 

Tutor training programs are also available, most of which are taught online. These programs generally cover such subjects as listening strategies, group dynamics, and cultural awareness. Some programs also teach business-building concepts for self-employed tutors. Online tutors may choose to be professionally certified or accredited, for example, through the National Tutoring Association.

Stable job growth is expected for online tutors through 2024. Those interested in pursuing a career as an online tutor should complete post secondary studies to demonstrate expert knowledge in the subject area they will assist students in. Tutor training programs are available, as is professional certification.


Email credentials:  contact@oasisglobals.com

Available Openings

- Teachers / Online Tutors
- Customer Service Management/ Call Center
- Data Entry/ Analyst/ Scientist/ Engineer
- Executive Administrative Assistant 

Convenient Training & Highly Qualified Educators

Online tutors provide instruction to students on a variety of subjects using a distance-learning format. Because training programs specifically for online tutoring are rare, online tutors typically train as in-person tutors or classroom instructors. Online tutors need a minimum of a high school diploma, though a college degree, experience, or a teaching license might be required, depending on the job or employer.

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why most of our educators have achieved an advanced degree in their field. Our instructors are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this  enthusiasm into their seminars and courses.

Necessary Equipment for all position include :

- Apple Computer 

- Printer

- Fax machine 

- Flat belt Scanner 

All equipment comes with the company logo and software from the company vendors.